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In 2001, after a lot of reading and research, I started homebrewing.  I found it to be fun and at the same time, I found it to be a challenging but rewarding science. It was only after I started when I discovered my mom’s side of the family had multi-generational professional brewers!  What a cool discovery!

I started competing with some success, but more important then any awards I won was the experience and knowledge that I gained.  The more I learned the more I grew in ability.

I founded then became the president of a local homebrews club, the Mesa Verde Mashers, where for 5 years I oversaw the operation and day to day functions of the club.



I am now a contributing reporter for the Rocky Mountain Brewing News and I write the HOMEBREWER section bi-monthly.  This has helped me build relations with many breweries.



Since I started this website I have become a BJCP Judge (D1349).  

I am a brewer in search of knowledge and fellowship with other brewers.  I wish to share my knowledge, experience, and get others to join me in this thirst for knowledge, not to mention a thirst for the ultimate homebrew! Join me in this quest for knowledge.

Please feel free to email me at any time.

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